Wine Before Bed?

Recently i uploaded a post regarding an article that was passed onto me, suggesting that consuming WINE before bed could promote weight loss (and your eyebrows raise, but please don't your common sense). Could this be possible? Maybe.


Would the weight loss come from the addition of wine before bed or would it just be the fact that you were in a calorific deficit? So, last night i did a study, conclusion;


.....due to the fact that I've been in a deficit since Christmas, oh & it's the morning, I've gone a whole 8 hour without consuming any food/drink, my a toilet trip was made so i'm pretty much empty.

Remember one thing, as long as a Calorific Deficit is being implemented during your day to day lifestyle - YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT, regardless of the foods you consume. Now balance is key & health needs to be promoted when advising people to make up those calories with any foods they like. Don't be forgetting you Fruits & Veggies now.

Enjoy the Wine, Gun, Brandy, Cocktails, Starchy Foods, Carbs, Desserts if so wish to, but just don't be a dick & over consume on a daily basis (calorific surplus).

Much love on your journey.


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