Seek & Destroy?

This post has stayed in my mind ever since i first came across it.

Why do we still have this mindset? The I need to destroy my body in order to have an effective workout mindset.

Yes, the body needs to be placed under stress in order to adapt & respond accordingly. Does that have to be every session you do....Nope.

I love an intense, sweaty, heart racing session as much as the next person, but i & my clients don't do that every session. However, from time to time it's required.

For me, they're perfect for when i'm a little stressed or short on time.

Our aim at the beginning of the week:

"Seek & Destroy my body, i'm hitting the gym 6 times this week"

.....and you're expecting a high level of performance in each of those sessions?

Let's see how you're after 3 tough, well planned sessions, along with juggling your work, family & social life.

Be REALISTIC, can you really fit in 6 sessions this week?

Don't set yourself up to fail, try 2 sessions & if you hit them by Wednesday, add in a third.

Now, how are those sessions planned, what're you wanting to achieve?

Hypertrophy (muscle building) response?

Strength Improvement?

Increased Power Output?

Increased Calorific expenditure?

Have an aim each time you walk into that gym, whether it's twice a week or 6 times a week.

Important point, make sure you're giving yourself the appropriate amount of RECOVERY.

You don't have to feel SORE after each session in order for it to be effective.

Much Love.

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